What is an Escape Room?

You may have heard recently that escape rooms are becoming more and more popular.  While they are gaining in popularity, many people have still never heard of escape rooms or have any idea what they are.

Escape rooms (or escape games) are essentially just that: a game where players try to escape a room. Typically these are team games where 4-8 people (but maybe upwards of 10) are locked in a room and they have a set amount of time to escape that room. Inside the room are puzzles and clues that will help them with their escape. But players must get out in time… or else!

Of course, escape games are perfectly safe forms of entertainment and players are in no real danger. But the perceived danger (maybe a countdown to doomsday clock or the possibility of being eaten by a zombie) gives the game a sense of urgency and fun.

Escape rooms can be as simple as a table and chairs with only a blank piece of paper and a pencil or they can be elaborately-designed and decorated theme rooms with full blown characters for players to interact with. It all depends on the designer. Each has its own merits and each can be fun.

As experience-based entertainment becomes more and more prevalent, escape room games should see a rise in popularity. Escape room games are also great for corporate team bonding activities as they often put players on a level playing field and help avoid some team building pitfalls.

Looking for an escape room in your area? Sites like and are great starting points.

So get going and go escape!

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