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Quick Team Building Activities

It can be difficult to find something everyone likes to do.  Here’s a good starting list of quick team building activities.

  • Office scavenger hunt
    • Come up with a list of things to find in the office (for example: 3 different paper clips, 3 colors of Post Its, a sandwich, batteries (one of each: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) , etc.
  • Visit a local escape room
    • An offsite adventure where teammates work together to escape!
  • Nerf gun capture the flag
    • You’ll need nerf guns. Borrow from a kid or grab some at the local Target. Some of the dollar stores will sell knockoffs too.
  • Mall photo scavenger hunt
    • Visit the local mall and have team members take photos of themselves with a list of things (Including team memebers in the photo keeps people from using Google Images.)
  • Marshmallow & spaghetti tower
    • Build the tallest tower using only marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti
  • Mine field
    • Guide a blindfolded team member down a hall with “mines” represented by paper plates or other handy items
  • Office Olympics
    • Pencil relay, rolling chair dash (be careful), Post-It note shot put (who can throw one balled up Post-It the farthest?), etc. Also use any recreational games you may have in the office (foosball, ping pong, etc.)

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